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Holiday Americana LP Bundle

Holiday Americana LP Bundle

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This special Holiday Americana LP Bundle is the perfect gift for the music lover in your life! Four vinyl LPs, each full of deep-rooted Americana songs, will transport them back to holidays of the past. Enjoy timeless tunes with the ones you love.


Cynthia Hamar's - Joint & Marrow Vinyl LP (Neon Moon Records)

A 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record in Tiffany Blue.

This collection of songs has been like a life raft, a comfort to cling to through an intense few years. The melodies here are timbers buoyant as I have been pounded by waves; dark and deep threatening my identity. They have been faithful friends as I have ping-ponged between fearful bouts of procrastination to focused insane productivity and I honestly am very excited to share these friends with you.

They recognize the struggle, the tears, prayers, crippling nostalgia, insecurity, the grief and triumphs, and last but not least; the joy. To put to music this vast well of emotions and to offer an outlet for others experiencing such things has been my therapy per say.

My imperfectly yawning, sincere sacred journey.


Starpainter’s - Rattlesnake Dream Vinyl LP (Neon Moon Records)

Rattlesnake Dream as it was meant to be heard: on crystal clear vinyl pressed by Flashback Records in Edmonton, AB. Rattlesnake Dream is Starpainter's second full-length record. Self-produced at home, mixed by Jonathan Anderson (Andy Shauf, Aiden Knight), and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Feist, Father John Misty), Rattlesnake Dream exists in a small-town universe that has become a defining feature of Starpainter’s body of work. Themes of family, aging, and personal loss are explored across the album’s ten tracks. The new album explores new sonic territory and further develops a signature sound built on old-school songwriting craftsmanship and imaginative, guitar-heavy arrangements.


The Dust Collectors’s - Outside In Vinyl LP (Neon Moon Records)

Outside In is the debut album from The Dust Collectors on a 160g classic black vinyl with all 14 tracks, plus exclusive goodies like a insert sheet with the lyrics and mp3 download card.

Hailing from Calgary, AB, Canada, the band span multiple genres throughout the album's tracks; you’ll hear folk, indie-rock and country all in here. Something that both ties it all together and makes the band’s sound truly unique is the presence of four part harmonies throughout the record, sometimes they serve as powerful and uplifting choruses, other times they are used at more poignant moments. It’s easy to hear why references like CSNY or Fleet Foxes are used when trying to describe the overall sound of this band


VISSIA’s - Place Holder Vinyl LP (Hurry Hard Records)

A 150 gram 12" 33rpm vinyl record with inserted hand-written lyric sheet and Place Holder digital download card.

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