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After the Masquerade CD

After the Masquerade CD

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4-Panel After the Masquerade CD digipak with clear tray, 15 pt coated cardstock case, shrink-wrapped.

      This item is for pre-order | After the Masquerade will be available March 22, 2024

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        Track Listing:

        1. Start a Fire
        2. Of Roses
        3. As the World Falls Down
        4. After the Masquerade
        5. In My Dreams
        6. Waterline
        7. Station
        8. Mourning Tonight
        9. The End
        10. Sunglasses


        Shaela Miller has long been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the country genre. Throughout her career, she has consistently delivered captivating records with authentic country instrumentation that resonates with fans of the genre. Her latest album, "After The Masquerade” (March 2024), marks a significant departure from her traditional sound, as it embraces a more synth-wave cosmic country sound. However, Shaela Miller's decision to record the songs from "After The Masquerade" with country lyricism, melody and a drier, rootsy vocal effect is a deliberate choice to pay homage to her past work while showcasing these new production elements.

        This album introduces a captivating shift towards alternative-pop, incorporating influences from iconic bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode. By seamlessly blending the ethereal sounds of synth with the unmistakable twang of pedal steel guitar, Shaela has crafted a truly unique fusion of musical elements and inspirations.

        In this new venture, Shaela Miller explores uncharted territory, experimenting with a sonic palette that diverges from her country and roots origins. "After the Masquerade" promises to be a musical journey that transcends traditional genre boundaries, taking listeners on an exciting ride through a world of dreamy synthscapes and the evocative resonance of pedal steel.


        Contributors: Shaela Miller (Lyricist), Shaela Miller (Composer), Graham Lessard (Producer), Graham Lessard (Mixing Engineer), Philip Shaw Bova (Mastering Engineer), Eric Cinnamon (Recording Engineer)

        Publishers: Shaela Miller (Shaela Miller) except Track 3 David Robert Jones (Jim Henson Productions Inc), David Robert Jones (Jones Music America)

        (P)2024 Shaela Miller under exclusive license to Neon Moon Records
        (C)2024 Shaela Miller under exclusive license to Neon Moon Records

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